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1. We provide a voice for all tourism and travel businesses and all small businesses in Guam to speak to power.
2. Our dedication to excellence drives what we do. Through innovation and constant self-evaluation, we create an effective, efficient, and focused approach to servicing our members and the industry.
3. Integrity defines who we are. Our visitors, the community, and our members can trust and rely upon us.
4. We pay respect to the community, our members, and accomplish our work through building relationships that last.
5. We dedicate our work to the growth of the visitor industry by creating a safe and satisfying destination and improving the quality of life for the people of Guam.
6. We believe that tourism must contribute to sustaining our economy, our environment, the social and cultural characteristics that make Guam unique.
7. Our work must contribute to the peace and harmony of the community in which we live and the countries from which our customers come from.

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors acts as the governing body. The duty of the board is to formulate policies and manage the affairs of the association, whilst being accountable to its members. Currently, Guam Travel Tourism Association has 12 Board of Directors

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